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Pocket Guide for Health Providers
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"Health Matters: A Pocket Guide for Working with Diverse Cultures and Underserved Populations." Dr. Michele Yehieli and Dr. Mark Grey, authors. ISBN 1-931930-20-1, Intercultural Press. This pocket guide defines terms related to culture; describes challenges faced by health professionals who provide care for underserved populations; and provides general guidelines for working in a culturally competent manner with 14 specific populations including, Latino, African American, East and Southeast Asian, Russian and others from Former Soviet Union, Bosnian and others from Former Yugoslavia, Somalis, Sudanese, and other refugees from East Africa, Old Order Amish, Jewish and Hassidic Jews, and Muslim populations. This pocket guide is available on and other online book sources.

Download these applications:
(Only available for students in program)

Short-Term Mission Application (Acrobat PDF format)

Long-Term Mission Application (Acrobat PDF format)


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